Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Gluten free English Mufffins --- the very phrase makes me think of nooks and crannies filled with melted butter and jam. Now, it is true that English folks do not eat our mainstream version of their traditional baked good, Thomas's English Muffins, and Glutino, being Canadian, might be split in their loyalties to the British crumpet and the American Thomas's, but really, does what I have pictured above resemble anything but a soft roll? I think not!!

One of my pet peeves re gluten free products is to shape and then label them in the manner of the desired glutenous food and, it seems to me, hope for the highest level of gullibility in the consumer.
Yes, these are labeled English Muffins. Yes, they are the correct shape. But please, just call them small sweet rolls and be done with it!!

These below are no longer available at my local Trader Joe's, but if they are at yours, definitely give them a try:

Here's the original review I wrote of them.  (Oh, how I miss them now.)

Do you know a gluten-free English muffin worth recommending? Please let us all know!

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