Monday, December 10, 2012


I was looking for a gluten free and vegan cracker for a dinner party I was planning and came across these old friends. I remembered cracklebred and its imitators from my glutenous days. I am addicted to all things crunchy, and with the slight spiciness of this cracker, I am now totally a fan!
I served these crackers with three kinds of hummus (sun dried tomato, red pepper and lemon garlic) as well as with two kinds of cheese (goat cheese with kalamata olives, and sliced muenster cheese) and these crackers stayed crunchy through all manner of toppings. When I was eating gluten, and when I was heavier (by about thirty pounds!), I really used to run through boxes of these, so especially considering the snappy new flavor, I have to be careful. If you're a devotee of crunch, I'd recommend you do the same!

Friday, December 7, 2012


I'll be honest. Sometimes my square meals are a little off-kilter. I don't think of them that way, but I'm sure others might. For example: Cottage cheese and rice cakes, grape tomatoes and a granny smith apple for dessert. (Even the cook likes her time off!) Sounds fine, right? But then the guilt sets it and I think of how many of those rice cakes it's possible to consume in one sitting, how high their glycemic index must be, how I really shouldn't be doing this...and on and on...

Which is why I was so happy to find Flamous Zatar Chips. Three grams of protein per serving, about eight chips. Guilt receded! Why the protein? Perhaps its the multigrain mix of brown rice, flax and buckwheat, or the beans and sesame seeds. Yowza! All in one small six-sided snack!

I can now have the quick lunches I sometimes prefer and feel I'm doing something good for myself. Oh, and the Zatar blend of spices? Perfectly pitched for a creamy spread like cottage or goat cheese, though I also recommend the with garlic and lemon hummus: snappy!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I was quite the pretzel fiend before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and nothing like having to follow a gluten free diet was going to stop my lifelong love for this snack. I love them small and crunchy, soft and salty, as sticks, twigs, or traditionally twisted. 

As you can see below, I just plain love them!

These Glutinos are probably my favorite, unless you count the ones that look and taste (in my memory at least) like the little Rold Gold pretzels I used to consume by the bag when I ate gluten. The crunch on Glutinos is perfect, never soggy, and the saltiness is just where it needs to be. Apart from those criteria, I don't demand much else from my pretzels. 

Oh, yes, that they not be coated. In chocolate, white or brown, in "yogurt" or what passes for it, or in anything but salt, or, if need be, sesame seeds (Glutino makes rings with sesame, not my favorite, but will do in a pinch). Glutino makes the coated pretzels. If you've tried them, could you let me know what they're like? I just can't see myself going through a bag of those odd items, but, who knows, if the reviews are stellar enough, I just might try!