Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just an ordinary breakfast plate from any local diner, right? Wrong! If you're gluten-sensitive, celiac, or anything in between, this is a miraculous find. 

I have a groupon to thank for my introduction to Maybelle's in Cobble Hill Brooklyn. I was actually headed for the Brooklyn Book Fair when the groupon sidetracked me to Cobble Hill and this friendly local dining spot. Bench outside, neighbors chatting, kids playing out front, tables inside that reminded me of my grandmother's dinette set, the kind of place you always associate with small towns but just a bit of a walk from very urban downtown Brooklyn.

The roll pictured above is from Everybody Eats, a gluten-free Brooklyn institution, but you can find their goods at restaurants in Manhattan, too (Bistango's Italian bread), or order online. It's one thing to be able to order an omelette as your almost universally safe brunch selection, but another to order it with a delicious (crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside) gluten-free roll!
I also can't say enough about the sensitivity of the server, who, once she found out I was celiac, took it upon herself to serve jam with the roll rather than butter, because she was afraid there'd be cross-contamination issues with the way the butter was served. Very casual, nothing fancy, but a fine establishment nonetheless! 

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