Sunday, July 29, 2012


The first time I had a Las Delicias treat was at Crespella, where I tasted the delicious muffin pictured above. Very moist, perfectly spiced, not overly sweet. I was at Crespella for one of their amazing crepes, so the dessert was a complete and wonderful surprise!

The second time I tasted a product from Las Delicias had another element of surprise to it as well. It was a rainy afternoon,
about 4pm in the Union Square Greenmarket, where I was kale-shopping, when I came upon a big black van parked right in the middle of the area normally reserved for customers. When I caught a glimpse of the Las Delicias logo on the side of the van I ran back to the driver's window and said to her, "You're the gluten-free baker!" She talked with me for a long time in the rain, telling me the story of her bakery. 

Oh, and the ginger cookie handed to me by Deborah Brenner, the Argentina-born owner of Las Delicias before she sped off in her van? Complex in texture and flavor, the ultimate in gingery-ness, and HUGE...loved it! Keep an eye out for a Las Delicias appearance at the Greenmarket sometime soon. It will become a regular stop when you're doing vegetable shopping, I guarantee it.


Wendy@Celiacs in the house said...

I can just see you standing in the rain listening to her story. The baked goodies sound delicious.

G.F.Veg said...

Wendy I was SO happy to meet her! Her stuff is fabulous!