Saturday, June 30, 2012


For this delicious gluten-free kale frittata, the most I'll use in a 10 inch nonstick pan (did you know the newer ones are not made of those bad old chemicals) is one egg yolk to three whites plus a couple of tablespoons of milk.I saute the sliced vegetables (onion, mushrooms, sweet peppers, kale) on medium low until the onions brown, stirring occasionally.

I sprinkle the vegetables with oregano, garlic powder, sea salt and smoked paprika (sometimes hot, sometimes sweet--with kale, the hot). I stir everything up again and saute for another minute or so.

I pour the egg mixture over the vegetables, tilting the pan in several directions to make sure all vegetables are covered with egg. Then I lower the heat and cover the pan. When the top is as dry as I like it (I like it VERY dry, but if you don't, stop the cooking when the top looks appealing to YOU), remove lid, flip one half of frittata onto the other, and move to plate. Serves one ravenous or two hungry. Sometimes mine is so full of vegetables, it cracks, but if it's a night I really was in a vegetable mood, do I care? Absolutely not, and neither should you!

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