Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I make my own gluten-free bread, and sometimes I throw some raisins or cinnamon into the mix for a change, but I've never attempted a real fruity bread like the ones I remember eating as a kid. Pepperidge Farm raisin cinnamon, or Chock Full O' Nuts date nut come to mind. We had mainly had two kinds of breads in my house: sour ryes or onion breads, and sweet breads like those I've just mentioned.

I bought a loaf of the bread pictured above because I'd heard such good things about Canyon Bakehouse and had never tried their products, and also because I found myself dreaming of a cream cheese on date nut bread sandwich. Nowadays, cream cheese is something I'd never buy, but I'm always well-stocked with whipped cottage cheese (a local specialty of the Friendship brand), so I toasted up a couple of slices of this raisin bread and made a lower-fat, lower-calorie version of my dream sandwich. And it was, yes, pretty dreamy. The bread is rich, cinnamony, generously studded with raisins and absolutely divine.

This bread is so delicious that if I ever buy it again, it's going straight in to the freezer. I ate the entire loaf in two days! Every time I poured a cup of tea, it just seemed like the right time for a slice, and I drink a lot of tea. Given the amount of sugar and fat I use in my own bread, it's more like a dessert and I guess I've got to start treating it like one or I'll be in a serious poundage predicament pretty soon. Ah....the trials and tribulations of the gluten-free carboholic... 


2 comments: said...

i love cinnamon raisin bread too!! thanks for sharing!

G.F.Veg said...

i'm thinking of working on a cinnamon raisin bread recipe...keep an eye out for it!
(and thanks for writing!)