Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's usually only when I'm ill that I depend on convenience foods, and the cough and sleepless nights I've been struggling with over the past two weeks justified, with no exception, the purchase of this can of soup.

But even when I'm too sick to make something from scratch, I can't seem to prevent myself from tweaking the prepared stuff. Here, in order to make the black bean soup more of a one-dish meal, I've added frozen broccoli and Trader Joe's frozen roasted corn kernels. Kind of livened up the bowl, visually. I like Amy's black bean vegetable soup. Spicy but not very. Thick but not too much so. Not cheap, but reliable. Just what you need when you're not feeling your best.


Anonymous said...

I love Amy's brand! I have had such good luck with them. We love their taste and that they have gluten free options and are vegetarian :)
Happy to be part of the gluten free global community with you.

G.F.Veg said...

it certainly makes life easier as a gluten-free vegetarian to have amy's to rely on. since i make so much of my own food from scratch, it's not an everyday relationship i have with amy's, but it's still good to know the brand is there in a pinch!