Friday, April 27, 2012


This tiny four-stool eatery and take-out shop is a must-visit for any gluten-free Brooklynite or visitor the borough of Kings. And if you're a gluten-free vegetarian, you will be happy there, too. This creperie is manned by two personable young gents who oversee the miniscule prep area from which comes a very long list of savory or sweet crepes. I chose

a savory chickpea flour crepe which from their breakfast menu, despite the fact that it was (on my schedule, anyway) almost time for an early dinner. The scrambled egg (really a thin omelet, fine with me) with provolone, peppers and mushrooms, was a real treat! 

I loved that there was extra cheese greated on top and that the cheese inside was gooey and the peppers were red (yay! color!) and the mushrooms beautifully browned. I am known for my huge appetite and yet I was just about able to finish. This easily would have served two with a side salad. 
It was either the look of the dish or the gusto with which I was devouring it that caused an exiting patron to ask, "How is that? It looks great!" I pointed to my empty plate and said, "It is!" I was thrilled to find at Crespella a total of six non-humdrum gluten-free vegetarian main dishes on the menu, but, in addition, to find six gluten-free muffins from which to select my dessert? Heavenly! 

I chose the moist and tasty carrot pecan muffin which I appreciated was not overpowered with the cinnamon/clove/nutmeg range of spices as many muffins can be. I can't wait to try the other muffins, or the cookies that were gluten-free, too. There is only one thing I missed: salad. Otherwise, Crespella is perfection. Really. What a treasure. If they expanded to Manhattan, I'm sure I'd be there almost daily!

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