Wednesday, April 25, 2012


One Lucky Duck is the cozy, more affordable (but not cheap!) 18th Street little sister of the venerable and elegant Pure Food and Wine around the corner on Irving Place, not far from Union Square in Manhattan, NYC. 

This little pale yellow square set me back $8, but I must say, shared with another, you will not feel cheated when you think of all the less-than-stellar desserts for which you've paid half that amount. A lemon cheesecake in the palm of your hand, neither too little nor too much, just enough to truly savor each of the components: an almond coconut crust, the truly tart lemon custard. 

All gluten-free items are clearly marked on the menu, which includes savory as well as sweet items. There is minimal seating, but a bench outside, and the food looks great. I've eaten at Pure Food, and the food is wonderful, but this might be a more wallet-friendly way to explore the empire's cuisine (in addition to One Lucky Duck at Chelsea Market and 17th Street and Pure Food on Irving Place, there will soon be a huge One Lucky Duck production facility in Brooklyn as well!)

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