Thursday, April 5, 2012


For the gluten-free vegan feeling lost in Brooklyn without Manhattan's famous Babycakes or Tully's gluten-free bakeries, fear no more. Sun in Bloom might (dare I say it?) be an even better choice.

Actual seating, for one, differentiates this spot from the Manhattan options, chairs and tables where you can comfortably relax for a meal. I just picked up dessert this time, though.

The expresso (sic) fudge drops, which could otherwise be described as the darkest chocolatiest cupcakes I may ever have had, served as my introduction to Sun In Bloom.

After the way the quality of the moist and rich little devils food treat impressed me, I am raring to have a go at the rest of their menu, which includes raw, vegan, and/or gluten-free items, all clearly marked. Here are some items that caught my eye:

Raw Cheesecake & Tortes (R, G)

Sunrise Scramble (G) daily aphrodisiac tofu fusion, refreshing steamed greens, bean of the day & brown rice

Bloom Burger (G, R) famously delicious live burger, tomato, basil, caramelized onions and cabbage with live sunflower dill dressing

Sunny "Couture" Futomaki" (G, R) (Request Raw) an aphrodisiac blend of raw vegetables, avocado, romaine, brown rice, sesame ginger dressing, wrapped in nori

Can't wait to get back!

460 Bergen Street
Between Flatbush and 5th Avenue

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