Friday, April 20, 2012


How about a light gluten-free vegan lunch this Mother's day? I'm posting this early so you have time to purchase a useful little heart-shaped cookie cutter, which as you can see below has many more uses than the traditional one. In addition to carrots and beets, try red peppers (roasted or raw) and cheese hearts (vegan or not). Or toasted heart-shaped croutons for your salad!

These cookies always make me think of tea parties, with their crunchy nuttiness, yet light lemon flavor. Here, they're shown baked with soy flour, but I find a mix of millet and sorghum to be a fine substitute for soy, if that's an ingredient you avoid. Here's the recipe.

This recipe is pretty flexible. Lime pistachio cookies are another variety I've made with success. I'm thinking of trying orange cookies with almonds, or perhaps a plate of all three!
Happy Mother's Day in advance to all you moms, aunts, grandmas, second cousins
and dear friends of the family!


Vicky said...

I LOVE the heart shaped beets!

G.F.Veg said...

use the cookie cutter for beets (red, yellow), red ot orsnge peppers, large carrots (if your cookie cutter is small enough--i used the smallest i could find) and i even made hors d'oeuvres with hearts cut from bread, cheese and roasted peppers. it was fun to do!