Monday, April 16, 2012


Back again at the NYC upper east side restaurant and organic wine bar, V-Note, where a gluten-free menu provided upon request, we ordered chile relleno and mushroom tomato risotto. Portions were so generous that the chile plate was not quite finished and leftover mushroom risotto made a light lunch for two the next day (black beans and cheese added).

The stuffed poblano pepper is served with green and yelllow squash, vegan cheese sauce, chunky salsa and green rice (pictured at right) topped with grilled shiitake mushrooms.

This is the tomato risotto, ordered with a side of garlicky sauteed fresh spinach (the perfect addition!). The risotto, though of course mostly rice, is heartier than you might expect, since it is generously studded with chunks of cremini, trumpet, porcini and lobster mushrooms.

One of the things I like best about this restaurant is its seating and service, which it seems to me are both easily ignored unless they are unpleasant. Here, small or large groups are comfortably seated at banquettes, tables, or the bar, and the service is friendly, efficient and not overbearing. Glad I returned--be sure to ask for the gluten-free menu, which makes for a much-improved dining experience! V-Note: recommended!

(Here's the first review of this restaurant.)

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