Saturday, March 3, 2012


I'm embarrassed to say how quickly these delicious gluten-free crackers disappeared. So I won't say. But these are some amazing snacks! Richer than (my memory of) Carr's table crackers, but useful in all the same settings as Carr's would be, and without any dangerous gluten. Hard to believe!
They're not low in fat, or high in fiber, and probably shouldn't be eaten by the box-ful (ahem!) but wow will you enjoy them. They have that slightly-sweet, slightly-salty neutral flavor that will suit jam or cheese, or, if you become as fond of them as I did, being eaten with absolutely nothing on them. Interesting note: these are very thin crackers, and at least as far as the box I tried, only two crackers were not entirely whole. Well-made, well-packed, worth every penny!

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