Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Do you long for marshmallows? If you are not vegetarian, you probably don't, since you can eat them whenever the mood strikes. Lucky you! Marshmallows are usually made with gelatin, which is made from animal hooves, which vegetarians avoid. Whenever I see marshmallows I can safely eat, I am very, very happy!

The sweets pictured above are not marshmallows, but marshmallow treats, also one of the pleasures of my former, non-celiac, life. I was sent this Mischievous Sampler by Marshmallow Mischief. All the opinions that follow are mine, and I was not paid for this post. Here goes:

If you are expecting something similar to a traditional crisped rice marshmallow treat, you will not find it here. The flavorings are subtle and the texture, although there was a range, is much crisper and less sticky than the old-school treats. One friend felt overwhelmed by the sweetness, but I didn't feel that way and enjoyed it--they're little indulgences, after all! I loved the variety, and if I had one suggestion, it might be make the flavorings a bit more bold. The balance of flavors seemed perfect (amount of ginger to cinnamon, for example), but the rice mutes them too much at times. I'm being VERY picky here.You should try these and you might like them just as they are (another friend felt they were perfect!).

Here's a quick run-down of the flavors:

Tall Dark & Crispy: Dark chocolate intensity (though I wish there were a bit more) and crunchy texture.
gingerlicious: Hints of cinnamon and ginger.
One, Two, Chai, Chai, Chai: If you like nutmeg, I think you'll like this masala spice tea flavor.
Lava Aloha: Made with coconut and milk chocolate. A sophisticated Almond Joy with rice.
Plain Jane: Clear and strong vanilla.
Big Kapuna: White chocolate and macadamia nut. Rich.
Peace, Love & Peanut Butter: Mild crunch, cinnamon and pureed peanut is a great combo.
Italian Kiss: Made of hazelnut and milk chocolate, as are the famous Italian Perugina Baci, but with the rice element muting the flavors. Think Nestle's Crunch, with lots of crunch.

One other note: the packaging is LOVELY and gift-ready for any grownup with a sweet tooth!

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