Saturday, March 10, 2012


When is seen for the first time, I hope my blog's topics are clear without a lengthy explanation. Bloggers tend to agonize over names of their the name clever enough? too clever? too long? so short you can't tell what the blog is about? Taken to extremes (and how would you know where exactly that point is?) it can seem a massive waste of brain activity. But then, something happens to prove the time was well-spent.

I love Friedman's Lunch (great gluten-free sandwiches!), even though I'm a vegetarian and there are many dishes on their menu that I ignore. One night, a friend and I planned to have dinner at another Chelsea restaurant with healthy food and gluten-free options, only to find they had shut down. Friedman's was the only similar spot I could come up with that was nearby, but I was convinced they'd be closed for the evening, since I was positive they served only lunch!

Of course the joke was on me.... My lovely dinner at Friedman's Lunch was the following: three sides and a soda. Each item memorable.
This was the star of the show: perfectly-made sweet potato fries, cooked in a dedicated fryer for gluten-free folks like me. So delicious naked that I ignored the accompanying blue cheese aioli.
Center: broccoli rabe, whose slight bitterness was the perfect match to the sweet fries. And, at right, for heft, shaved brussels sprouts generously topped with grated cheese. Varied, satisfying, and safe. What better dinner could there be?
My drink was lychee soda. Hmnn. Very delicate. Or tasteless, depending on your personality, I suppose. Although it did improve with a sprinkle of Splenda. Next time, back to iced tea. But all in all, SO happy Friedman's Lunch turned out to be more than just its name states!

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