Thursday, February 9, 2012


ToniAnn Ulses, Executive Chef, 4Food: Skills and Enthusiasm!

Yes, it is possible for a gluten-free vegetarian to eat and eat well at a fast food joint in midtown Manhattan. But only if it's the sophisticated purveyor of quick meals, 4Food, which is located on 40th and Madison, just south of Grand Central Station and down the street from the lions at the steps of the Public Library. Convenient yet healthy, or, as 4Food says, "Our mission is to de-junk fast food."

To further set this place apart from the mainstream, there's a hook, a gimmick, something which differentiates it from all the new healthy dining spots popping up in the city. In this case, it's nothing.Or rather, the absence of something. A void, a hole in one. Emptiness.A burger without a center, to be clear.

At first I thought, whatever is the point of this affectation? But then I read the mission statement and it's pure logic. A device to promote precise, even cooking, avoiding an overdone edge and underdone center of whatever burger you choose. Genius!

And if you're not a burger fan, how about the rice bowl or salad bowl, each made to your specifications, of course. Whether you order a salad bowl or a meat burger topped with cheese, you will know the stats as soon as you pay: each receipt breaks down your meal by calories, fat, carbs and protein. If you're on WeightWatchers, ask to speak to the chef or manager and say you'd love a fiber count, too. I did, and they are SO friendly and helpful!
True, there's only one vegetable burger for you, if you're vegetarian, but if you're starting to feel slighted (there are many meaty ones), don't be, because the possibilities for sides and toppings are numerous, and feel almost infinite. Although changes are made to the menu monthly, in order to reflect seasonal availability of products, here are only a FEW of the delicious choices for toppings or sides that were great for a gluten-free vegetarian during my last visit:

Chipotle Hominy
Orange-Braised Fennel
Mushrooms & Onions
Red Lentil Dal
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Kim Chi
Caramelized Apple
Basil Peso
Horseradish Crean
and a Choice of 7 Cheeses!
My veggie patty was topped with mushrooms and onions, plantains, chutney and lettuce. For sides I chose Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Braised Fennel. My drink was English Breakfast tea with fat-free milk and truvia. Fantastic lunch! The real feat, though, was the existence of something wonderfully gluten-free to sandwich all these goodies into a deliciously portable meal: surprisingly, rice! It is sushi rice, cooked, spread on a baking tray, browned a bit, and cut into circles. Not only unusual, but unusually tasty, and, of course, totally gluten-free.

4Food is fast food marinated in many levels of culinary AND technological invention: order at the counter, or from the ipads available, order online to have food delivered to your office. Take advantage of the wifi, or bathe in the bright lights of floor to ceiling digital projection screen (the 240 square foot media wall) on your way to the uppermost level.
Check out the Events Calendar to see if it's movie night or perhaps your group wants to organize an event of its own at the space. That's possible, too, and as well as use of the media wall, and customized foods for the event! Just speak to Christine deVita, General Operations Manager, pictured below.
Here's the inspiring mission statement from 4Food, told as the Founder's Story. BE SURE to click, at the top of the page, for an entertaining animation about the ideas that inspired this spot for delicious guilt-free dining.


Cheryl said...

This place looks great! Thanks so much! Will try soon.

G.F.Veg said...

leslie and i went here and we REALLY enjoyed it!

Molly (Sprue Story) said...

Hey, I know this is an older post, but I just discovered this place for the first time and, from their online menu, it looks as though their veggie patty is the only one of their patties that ISN'T gluten-free. The ingredients include "house ground oat flour," which I think is the most likely culprit, unless there are undeclared ingredients.

It's too bad, because I like the concept (I bet the toppings stay in place better with a little cradle to hold them in!) and the other components look great for us GF-veg souls. Looks like you could still get a portobello on the rice bun (which is fascinating!) with toppings, but it's a bummer about the patty.

I wonder if they changed their recipe since you posted?