Saturday, January 28, 2012


These frozen, gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy- free soups are wonderful, and if you are familiar with my recipes, you know I make a lot of soup! Kettle Cuisine also makes other soups you would like if you're gluten-free but not vegetarian. You might also be glad to know that these soups test for gluten at less than 5 parts per million, which should make you feel comforted even before you taste these lovely comfort foods.What I liked most about the three-bean chili was the heat. It was really a chili, and not a tomato bean stew, as can sometimes be found in prepared foods. Three cheers for spicy! Nice deep color, too. Hearty, filling (lots of beans), as well. Can't be improved upon, as far as I can see.
This roasted vegetable soup was earthy and creamy and a yet a bit on the sweet side--lovely aroma, too. Very much a comfort food. I enjoyed that the vegetables were only lightly pureed, so there were several kinds of texture in each spoonful. Extremely satisfying.

The best thing about this vegetable soup was actually seeing all the individual vegetables. They are very much present both in taste and chunk: nice to enjoy a prepared vegetable soup that isn't overcooked, for once! The tomato base has long-simmered and rich flavor.

I love that when you examine the ingredient list of each of these soups, you find that there is nothing you wouldn't choose to include in a soup you'd make for your own family. I love a convenience food that provides convenience without compromise, and these soups are very much that!

For stores that carry these soups near you, check here.

Note: Thank you to Kettle Cuisine for these soups. These opinions are solely my own, and I was not paid for this post.


Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

I recently reviewed these soups as well, and I could not agree more. They really are quite a find :)

Rachel said...

Where did you find these soups? Are they at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or any other mainstream stores?

G.F.Veg said...

here is a national chart to help you find a store near you which carries these soups:

hope that helps!