Friday, January 20, 2012


The V-Note is a comfortable upper east side Manhattan restaurant with vegan, raw, and/or gluten-free menu options. The menu is large (although it shrinks considerably once you are limited to gluten-free foods).

This is the corn salad which accompanied the Barbecue Tempeh I ordered. The tempeh was served on a bed of potato salad, as well. You might think two starches would be an odd choice for the plate, but in fact, it was the acidity of both dishes that created a not-too-pleasant sensory overload.

The tempeh, itself, though, was very tasty. I would have preferred more caramelization on the tempeh, but the barbecue sauce was well-balanced and delicious.

My dinner companion had the stuffed poblano chiles. The green rice it was served with was an excellent relief from acid overload (once again, an acidic filling to the pepper!).

But finally I needed something gluten-free to fight back against the vinegary stomach I was starting to experience. Sweet potato fries, guaranteed gluten-free by the server (I asked twice), helped. Only problem, now that I check the online menu they are not listed among the gluten-free sides, probably because of cross-contamination in the fryer. Sigh......

So, my final assessment: lovely setting. V-Note is great for vegans. Less so for gluten-free guys and gals. But if I return, and I may, I will choose very carefully and ask lots of questions.

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