Thursday, January 19, 2012


Chebe is a gluten-free baking mix made mostly of manioc (tapioca/yucca) flour. The traditional South American bread made with it includes a large amount of grated cheese added to the mix. In the interest of keeping calories and fat to a minimum, I decided to follow the recipe on the Chebe site for bagels.

The recipe was for four bagels, but I tend to find most bagels overly large (and I prefer crust to crumb) so I made six. I baked them beyond the time recommended, and even brushed four of the six with an egg wash, but still, this is how they looked: pale, waxy, and not very appetizing, even with poppy or sesame seeds.

When they were cool and I attempted to slice one in half, my knife blade became coated with a substance which resembled something like rubber cement. I had to refrigerate the bagels to extract a knife cleanly after slicing.

After baking in a toaster oven for ten minutes unsliced and five minutes sliced, the bagels began to lose their sticky interior texture and translucent exterior appearance. But even after all this coddling, the result was more a hard thick cracker than a bread-like bagel. Perhaps it's best not to stray this far from the successes of the past, and I should have added the cheese and done things old-style. Also, this is a very white bread, and my tastes lean to whole grain gluten-free baked goods, so perhaps we are just not a good match.

I'm thinking of mixing the Chebe with some whole grain flour to hopefully turn the white waxiness of the final result into something a bit more brown and crusty. Am I dreaming? If you've had success with Chebe, please let me know, as I am willing to try again.


donnag said...

Hi i really like yr site. In reference to chebe i dont eat any dairy so when i first usedchebe i hated the flavor. Itdoesnt brown when cooking just like u posted. Now i use it really as a pizza crust and i also roll it out thin and make apple strudel then the taste is much better.

G.F.Veg said...

what an interesting idea!
i might try that

thanks for writing and glad you like the site!

G.F.Veg said...

(the strudel is what i was thinking about)