Friday, May 27, 2011


Yes, back at Bistango once again, for their incredible pizza. And this time, to try their gluten free carrot cake for dessert, too. The cake was fruity and moist, just as I'd hoped it would be. Perfection. As you can see, this would NOT be a good choice for those seeking a gluten-free and dairy-free dessert, since the creamy icing was accompanied by whipped cream whose generous serving turns the sliced strawberries into a second dessert, if you feel like sharing.

Different waitstaff this time, but the same excellence in service and in care for the gluten-free diner. Once more, highly recommended!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Pepperoni's, in the Springs section of the New York resort, East Hampton, is a casual, down home place, best for takeout, where you can pick up a number of gluten-free items.
Besides several varieties of pizza, there are ravioli, penne and stuffed shells to try. For your non-gluten-free pals, the Grandma's Pizza, with its spicy tomato sauce and the meatball parmigiano hero come highly recommended. Since it's a bit of a distance from the main area of East Hampton, it's a good resource to have in mind if you're not in the mood to drive into town.
The staff is friendly and the Tate's gluten free chocolate chip cookies out-of-this-world-delicious (but not made in a wheat-free facility, if you avoid those products).
The pizza, however, left a bit to be desired. The onions were raw, the olives appeared to be canned, and the mushrooms rubbery. The sauce was fine, the cheese just adequate, though there seemed too much cheese for the amount of sauce. The crust was underdone and not oiled (enough, if it was at all). It always amazes me how diverse the results can be when beginning with a standard gluten-free frozen pizza crust.
They can range from edible, here, to extraordinary, at Bistango, to somewhere in between at Villa Italia (in East Hampton, but in town opposite the train station) and at L'Asso (in NYC's Little Italy, where you'd expect the best, but wouldn't find it). If you happen to have a gluten-free frozen crust pizza you're not enjoying (Still Riding is the brand used by most places), please don't give up on the concept because the execution is less than excellent--they can be delicious. Just shop around!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tate's Bake Shop, the famous Southampton NY bakery has now expanded its line to include two gluten-free products: brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I haven't tasted the brownies yet, but if they are anything like these cookies--wow! These were buttery, absolutely loaded with chips and extremely hard to resist. They are perfect. And according to my non-gluten-free pal, as good as the glutenous ones. Available online at

These cookies are made on the same machines that the regular cookies are. The machines are cleaned between runs but Tate's warns that anyone highly sensitive to gluten should probably avoid them.

I am celiac and have had no issues with them, but you need to make your own decision about these cookies.

Monday, May 23, 2011


These gluten-free, dairy-free bagels are baked to order and delivered to you. As with most GlutenfreefromNYC products, they can be made entirely to your specifications.
No eggs? No corn? No nuts? No problem!


This gluten-free, nut-free granola is a real find for the gluten-intolerant chocoholic. It's really fun to devour as a snack, or as a cereal with milk but be warned, it is SERIOUSLY chocolatey.
This is no wimpy, slightly cocoa-flavored flake--used straight with milk, it's more like downing a chocolate bar which has been shaved to large granular bits. Next time, I might try it as a sweetener, using a bland cereal as base.
Sprinkled into hot oatmeal--now, that would be a treat. I'm also wondering what kind of no-bake candies these would be good for, and a cookie made of them would be just delightful, I'm sure. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Those of you who have visited our online bakeshop at Etsy, glutenfreefromnyc, will be happy to hear that we've opened a section for our gluten-free vegan buyers.
Since these are just a few of the items recently listed,
we hope you'll check back frequently to the gluten-free vegan section,
since we intend to offer an even broader range of products in the coming weeks..

Happy Healthy Eating!

A bread sampler is a great way to try our gluten free vegan grissini (skinny breadsticks), cocktail loaves, heros, rolls, and boules (small round breads).

Monday, May 9, 2011


As the temperature rises, I start to think of ice cream sandwiches.
Presenting a favorite blot post on just that topic:

Here are two takes on gluten-free ice cream sandwiches that in the words of the Food Channel, are semi-homemade. All that's required are ice cream and cookies. But given we're talking about gluten free cookies, the right choices make for success or failure.
This sandwich is made with Food Should Taste Good non-GMO and gluten free chocolate tortilla chips. If you like sweetness with an undertone of salt, this is the bite-sized (about 1.5x2 inch) ice cream sandwich for you! Next time I'll try to make them in advance and freeze them so they're easier to handle (but given their size, this isn't a necessity).

These egg-free, gluten-free cookies are by Jo-sef, and are called Chocolate Graham Crackers, though seem more of a chocolate shortbread. I've used Breyer's vanilla for both sandwiches, and here, especially, is where a good vanilla as a foil for all this chocolate taste really shines. These thicker cookies are harder to eat than the chips, so a bowl might be needed as a back-up.

Both sandwiches are delicious, quick warm weather snacks!