Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm a committed ovo-lacto vegetarian who sometimes eats as a vegan or raw vegan. Still, there are times when fantasies of devouring the treats of my youth overtake my healthful instincts and I spend time, probably way too much time, thinking of animal-friendly substitutes.

Lately, I've been thinking about an old fashioned diner favorite: the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and bacon. Herewith, my vegetarian attempt:

I made this grilled cheese sandwich the way my mom always did, with minor adjustments:
1. Butter bread slices on both sides (Here, Earth Balance on homemade gluten-free bread).
2. Fill with slices of cheese (I grew up on American, but used cheddar here).
3. Add sliced tomato.
4. Add crisp bacon (here I used hickory-flavored vegan gluten-free soy jerky).

The bread and cheese parts were melted and crisped to perfection. The tomato could have been a thinner slice. The jerky has good flavor but absolutely no crunch.
Next time, I will try the slice it horizontally, if possible, and pan-fry it first to hopefully crisp it up a bit. Hearty, good-looking sandwich, though, and very vegetarian as well as gluten free! (Easy to make vegan, too, using Daiya cheddar cheese, available at Whole Foods, as is the jerky.)


BusyWorkingMama said...

Yum! My little sister has a gluten allergy and would love this recipe. Thanks!

G.F.Veg said...

You're welcome!
Hope she enjoys this old favorite.