Saturday, November 12, 2011


When I was younger I spent about two years living in Rome. Whenever I miss those old days, I come here. I close my eyes and taste the gelato (nocciola/hazelnut, especially) and I'm 23 and wandering through that ancient city with my second or third gelato of the day. (And that was when I restrained myself--it sometimes went to four a day in summertime!)
A friend introduced me to this little gelateria off 7th Avenue in NYC's Greenwich Village after dinner at Keste, just around the corner on Bleecker Street. The next time I visited L'Arte del Gelato was after lunch at Slice on Hudson Street, also in the Village, but west of 7th.

Given that I spent a mere two years in Italy, it is hard for me to believe how practically unpatriotic I feel when faced with all the American-style flavors you can now find at ice cream shops across the country. Things like added cookie crumbs or cookie dough or other (to me) oddities just don't tempt my taste buds. But put me in front of a display like LDG's and I'm fighting the urge to order something like a glutton's sampler. Maybe 8 or 10 flavors in one hefty cup. All right, though, if I had to recommend, I'd say the hazelnut and coconut were my recent favorites. But that was just that time, who knows?

75 Seventh Avenue South
New York, N.Y. – 10014
Tel. 212-924-0803

Sunday-Thursday 11am - 12pm
Friday-Saturday 11am - 1 am

Here is info on other branches at Chelsea Market and Lincoln Center Plaza

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