Sunday, November 20, 2011


If you are a celiac vegan or vegetarian, you know how difficult it can be to find meat-ish proteins. When I was simply a vegetarian (and not gluten-free) I was fairly dependent on wheat gluten products, especially for their meat-like texture. Imagine how delighted I was to find Primal Strips,, vegan, gluten-free jerky (in several flavors, NOT ALL GLUTEN FREE--very confusing--READ THE LABELS!) near the cash register at my local Whole Foods--seemed like old (pre-celiac) times! Note: these are (non-GMO) soy-based, so if you're not a fan of soy products, these are not for you.

Once I tasted (and loved) this chewy barbeque strip, I thought I'd cook it up in a million different ways, but it was gone too fast. I'm still planning to mince this strip and scramble it with eggs or tofu. Check out my attempt at a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato, using the hickory-flavored Primal Strip.

Bought online, especially in boxes of 24, these cost a fraction of what you would pay at Whole Foods. Although the company's site emphasizes the convenience of this food for hikers and skiiers, etc, as an urban New Yorker, I see great value in them as a protein supplement to a vegetable-based meal at a conventional restaurant where there might not be much available for a vegan (sort of a protein-based dessert). Great to have in purse or pocket for walks through the city, too!

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