Sunday, October 16, 2011


The most attractive photo of food you've ever seen? Definitely NOT!

However, looks can deceive. This food was delicious!

And the servings large enough for two to share. Burdock soup had a grassy, almost asparagus flavor I found refreshing. The vegetable, tempeh and mushroom gravy plate was hearty, especially accompanied by brown rice and corn bread (more like a sliced corn meal mush, full of kernels). Squash, carrot and broccoli was served apart from the sauced larger plate, but was great mixed right in. Peppermint tea was the ideal beverage.

Noise level at an early dinner was a bit much for me, but I can be more sensitive to that than most. You might find it festive. For me, this might be a good place for late lunch. Located on 13th Street between University Place and 5th Avenue, Souen is just down the street from the Regal multiplex cinema on 13th & Broadway, just off Union Square.

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