Saturday, October 15, 2011


If you're coming to New York City, it's likely that one of your trips will involve a stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, either for a one of their spectacular special events, such as the recent Alexander McQueen show, or to tour the Egyptian collection, American wing, or any of the other galleries filled with painting, art, sculpture, photography, or design treasures.

Whatever brings you to the Metropolitan, you will probably want a snack or meal at some point, and I chose the cafeteria, which I remembered as having many healthy foods. Which it does. Everything looks fresh, and the selection is extensive, but don't in any way expect to pay what you might be accustomed to at your local salad bar:
Yes, you read that correctly, one salad, one carrot juice, one fruit. Sticker shock for my friend and myself. My friend's was over $15 (no carrot juice). The salad is priced by the pound, not unusual, but apparently the per-pound price is higher than most. By a lot!

So, beware. Eat lightly if you're on a budget. Or, as we did, just chalk it up to the cost of a truly healthy meal. My main-dish-sized salad was composed of two types of greens, carrots, tomatoes, mozzarella bocconcini, peppers, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, and fat-free dressing. Delicious, but maybe next time I'll make my way through the museum discreetly munching on some homemade trail mix!

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