Sunday, October 2, 2011


Pumpkin chips for Halloween, that's what I was thinking when I saw the attractive packaging and large display at Whole Foods for Danielle's vegetable chips. No trans fats and otherwise pure, so I was seduced into buying snack foods when usually that's the last thing I pick up at WF (did you know their prices on frozen broccoli and cottage cheese, two of my staples, are really reasonable?). These are gluten free and vegetarian, so even if they are not the perfect snack (read below) they might do in a pinch for those of us with doubly restrictive diets.
The crunchiness of these chips seems to have been achieved with massive amounts of oil. The flavor is mild, so the oiliness of the chips becomes their predominant characteristic. There are carrot, taro and other varieties, which, in fairness, I did not try. Also, I should mention that I use very little fat in my cooking, so I may be more sensitive than most to the fact that these contain seven grams of fat per one ounce serving. They are made in Thailand, which bothered some Amazon customers, but for me, the greasiness was the real problem. Sad to say, despite the lovely packaging, I won't be buying these again.

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