Saturday, September 17, 2011


As a kid, there was nothing I liked better than getting on my bike to try to lose my way through Bronx streets I knew all too well from family car rides. It was a challenge, but worth all the new routes I'd discover. This salad was inspired by that very same impulse.
I was In line at cashier of a stand at the Union Square Greenmarket when I overheard a conversation about tomatillos that was so interesting to me that I relinquished my place to transform myself from impolite eavesdropper to friendly butt-insky.

Turns out if you purchase the most yellow of tomatillos, they will have a cheddar-like flavor, or so this tall thin back-packing man was explaining to a petite Japanese woman. He offered her a sample to prove his point, and since I was by now conveniently positioned between the two of them, I received a bit of tomatillo, too. Wow--he was right! I purchased some immediately, adding them to my bag of Whole Foods jicama. Weeks before, at another stand, I'd asked for watermelon radishes but was told it was too early for them, but that day I found them, too. A fine day at the market.
The salad above includes all those ingredients, plus carrots and Persian cucumbers. I tend to use only Balsamic vinegar on my salads, and because these colors were so pretty, I bought a bottle of white Balsamic, new to me.

To me, receiving information about a mysterious ingredient, or about a new way to use a familiar one is a big part of why shopping at a Greenmarket is so much fun. So, in case you thought those were slices of pale yellow grape tomatoes, now you've got the facts. I love being "lost" at the Market!


barefootOCmama said...

Beautiful, and such a lovely little journey to tag along on to the creation of this work of art I hope to try! Thanks for sharing!

G.F.Veg said...

thanks so much for your kind words. hope you love your salad!