Friday, September 23, 2011


When we planned a trip to Peter's, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC, I knew what I'd be ordering: a grilled cheese sandwich, same as I enjoyed last time I was there. There's something about enjoyingan old favorite for lunch just like any non-gluten-free person would do that is just so satisfying! Pictured above is a mushroom onion grilled cheese sandwich. Next time, back to the cheese and tomato option (the onions weren't caramelized enough for me). But, as you can see, beautifully toasty-melty! Oh, and lest I forget, the homemade coleslaw with celery seed? I could have eaten a bowlful. Maybe next time I'll order one!
I should also note that when you're sitting opposite a charmer like Toddler Yum, daughter of the creator of the wonderful blog, Book of Yum, almost any meal would taste good, I think! Adorable doesn't begin to describe her... observant, playful, plain old smart and remarkably well-behaved and entertaining for such a little lunch date.
Here she is with her lovely mom, Seamaiden. There are two outdoor dining spaces at Peter's, one as you enter the restaurant, and the one we chose, with tables on Peter's back patio, a nice way to be outdoors but not near the noise of traffic, rare in Manhattan. See photos below.


Sea said...

Awww, lovely post! Thanks so much for including us in such a beautiful write-up. I have a backlog of posts I need to do and haven't gotten to Peter's yet. So much to write, so little time. It was lovely to spend time with you in NYC. Thank you for your hospitality and hope we can do it again.


G.F.Veg said...

thanks so much for stopping by (on this blog and in this city!). and yes yes yes there are always more places for us to explore when you return. think: BROOKLYN!