Tuesday, August 16, 2011



I live a five minute walk from one of Manhattan's CPKs, so I was very excited to try their new gluten free pizza. I explained I was gluten free, ordered an off-menu house salad of greens. "Just vegetables?" I asked. Yes, I was told. It arrived with croutons. Once again, I explained I was gluten free. Then the pizza arrived. With a magnificent crust. Too magnificent, in fact. I asked the server to double check. He returned in less than two minutes with a gluten-free version of the pizza he had just brought to the table. I'd guessed correctly.

Apparently, I and another customer had ordered the same topping at the same time. The server said it was very hard for him to tell them apart. Not for me, though.The glutenous one had a traditional, puffy-edged, chewy-looking crust. The gluten-free one was the typical crispy, thin-crusted gluten-free version I have eaten everywhere except at my own home where I make the edges thicker and chewier than I usually find in gfree restaurants.
The cheese combination was excellent, from mild to sharp in a bite. Not that fond of the raw tomato choice I made, but that was no one's fault but mine.

What DOES bother me, however, is that there appears to be no system in place to help the celiac diner avoid dietary disaster. I've read certain branches no longer serve gluten-free pizza because a customer had a reaction. I felt absolutely fine after my pizza, which makes me wonder if the customer in question had actually eaten a gluten-free pizza or not. I hope CPK will shape up so that I rely on them as my neighborhood pizza place!

Has anyone else had trouble at CPK? Either with the food or the service?


physician activist in training said...

My local CPK is no longer serving GF pizza. The manager came out to tell me there there is simply too much cross contamination & so they cant guarantee the safety of anything on their menu. Is this happening anywhere else? Or are other locations still serving it?

G.F.Veg said...

i've been looking at some of the yahoo gluten free groups and i think they have temporarily recalled the pizzas. i really hope it's just temporary. remember the gluten free orange cakes at starbuck's a couple of years ago? first that disappears and now this. disappointing..here's hoping the pizza will come back, and safely!