Sunday, July 3, 2011


We're back at Nizza, located just a short walk from almost any Broadway theater you can name. And not only convenient in location, but delightful because they are so sensitive to the needs of the gluten-free and even gluten-free vegetarian members of your crowd. Just mention you're gluten-free and you receive your own menu, your own bread as you decide on your order, and your own gluten-free beer, if you so desire. Desserts, too, of course.My friends and I love the casual atmosphere and the midcentury Mediterranean decor as well. The service is always warm and friendly, with all gluten-free issues dealt with perfectly.

This time, there was a new gluten-free brunch option: socca (chickpea bread) bruschetta, topped with fava bean and pea puree and a fried egg. Slightly sweet, very delicious, with crunchy toast that would be a winner all on its own!

The artichoke frittata pictured below arrives with whipped ricotta, salad, and chickpea fries, but is not listed on the gluten-free menu, so, being celiac and not just mildly sensitive to gluten, we stayed away. (But the gluten-eating member of our party loved it.)

The berry sorbet, even served with a somewhat bland gluten-free biscotto, was the dessert champ. Powerful fruitiness!
Strawberry coulis was the most memorable part of the frozen custard, which was too bland for my taste. I'll stick with sorbet next time
And I've realized, with Nizza, there will always be a next time!

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