Saturday, July 30, 2011


L A T E * T O * T H E * J U I C E * B A R

While the rest of the world was getting healthy and making various juice bar owners rich, I was home preparing and eating salads for eight. Eating them myself, I mean. Needless to say, there was a lot of peeling and chopping and slicing. I practiced my pathetic knife skills, I asked for and received a mandoline for my birthday, but no matter what the rest of the world was up to, I refused to juice, despite how much time it might have saved me.

Being a member of the Weight Watchers tribe, I would always feel guilty ordering a carrot beet and ginger juice as the beverage for an already calorific vegetarian meal (vegetarians have been known to pig out, too, when they splurge for a meal). I knew there were vegetables, and then there were delicious, red, orange, high sugar vegetables. The one time I tried a green juice, I threw all of it out after the first sip. I just felt, for so many reasons, that juicing was not for me.

And then I met two people who changed my mind. One in real life, and one in a movie. First, Ali Segersten. This is her wonderful blog, Nourishing Meals. We met in Colorado and when she gave me a small glass of a kale, apple, ginger drink she'd made, I loved it. Kind of opened my mind. But it wasn't until I met the second person that my diet started changing.

I think it was a tweet that led me to this movie by and about an Australian guy called Joe Cross. I watched the movie once, and the trailers a couple of times. It was that inspiring to me. And although I am neither fat, sick or near death, I brought my old juicer out of hiding and have been having a great time experimenting because of a movie I stumbled on about how juice fasts saved two men's lives.

I'm not fasting, just drinking the good the bad and the ugly juices I've been making, and which sometimes replace salads or entire meals for me, without my experiencing any hunger pangs (friends tend to think of me as a middle-aged baby: I MUST be fed every two hours, but not recently). I love all the juices I make, really, which has been the greatest surprise to me. Here's the trailer for the movie (I have nothing to do with it financially--just a fan), Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. If you are already juicing (you probably are, considering how late I am to all of this) then the movie will help you spread the word, and if you're not maybe you'll get on board.

The juice you see above was made from three carrots, three large beets, way too much ginger (maybe a 1.5 inch length!), one large sweet red pepper, probably about 6 cups of rainbow chard, and, in the end, to try to mute the ginger, a cup of fresh pineapple cubes and two cups of spinach. It was still pretty gingery so I drank it over ice which was fantastic!

And yes, I even love green juice now, too. The other day I made a wonderful kale, celery, parsley, cucumber, cilantro, kiwi and granny smith apple juice. Drank every drop, no lie.


FleaBabe said...

Oh, now I think I need to make or at least drink some healthy juices. A very inspiring post. My top three juices would, orange and carrot. Wait, that would be the only juices I have ever had (OK, tomato once in a while.) Next time I see a healthy juice bar, experiment time!

G.F.Veg said...

good luck on your juice adventure, and
please let me know what happens!!