Friday, July 22, 2011


Apart from all the cheese cubes and chocolate truffles I tasted at this year's Summer Fancy Food Show, I did my share of what I hoped would be healthier snacking. Here are some samples of the crunchy snacks, made without gluten-containing ingredients.

You're probably familiar with the widely distributed Pirate Brands snacks. They're cheezdoodlish without the orange mess. Gluten-free and trans fat free as well. The Pirate's Booty is somewhat lighter (lower in fat and sodium) than the Smart Puffs snack,but both have a pleasant cheese flavor and crunch.

These snacks were the lowest (Popchips) and highest (Banana Chips) fat snacks I tried. Both were sinfully (with all their salt and crunch)delicious, but, sadly, although both contain no gluten ingredients, neither is labeled gluten-free. This is especially disappointing in the case of widely available Popchips, who, at the Fancy Food Show two years ago, told me they were "this close" to gluten-free certification.

What can I say? Chickpeas are my favorite beans. Naturally sweet.
Versatile. Falafel, socca and now, chickpea chips for your hummus--double the fun! The roasted red pepper is the spicier of the two, and although both are delicious, I prefer the pure chickpea flavor of the plain variety. Made in a plant that processes wheat, but tested (ELISA Assay) and gluten-free.

I'm assuming the beautiful nuttiness of these
crackers is derived from the combination of
quinoa, flax, sesame and amaranth seeds, but
whatever is the source, it's great!

The sweet and salty combo is something you
don't often find in a cracker, but here it is.
So interesting on their own, I've never found the
need to decorate them. Gluten-free.

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