Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I had the new whole grain gluten-free sesame flatbread, which I make and sell at glutenfreefromNYC my online bakery. It was a sunny day and I had in mind an open-faced sandwich with vegetables and smoked mozzarella. and since I was passing Eataly, Batali/Bastianich's Italian emporium of gustatory delights, I thought I'd pop in. I'd been told the place was overpriced and silly in its grandiosity but I found the staff to be good-humored and informative and the produce prices normal for Manhattan and in some cases even reasonable.
No mozzarella affumicata, however, so I headed for Todaro, a less showy but much revered neighborhood shop. They make their own mozzarella and have done so for almost 100 years.
I sliced the cheese,
topped the sandwich with tomatoes and
Kalamata olives from Trader Joe and a bit of mesclun from Todaro.
It felt like spring.

If you like the look of this flatbread, you might also want to check out this gluten-free bread sampler, also sold at glutenfreefromNYC.

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