Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For a celiac, one of the most reassuring things to be volunteered by the manager of a new restaurant is information about what you must avoid. At the newest branch of the NYC chain Hummus Kitchen, once I mentioned I was a gluten-free celiac, I was told that although the falafel is technically gluten free, I can't have it because it's fried in the same oil as their schnitzel, which is, of course, breaded. Sigh of relief!
We visited this is a cozy little spot even before their permanent sign was installed--that's how new they were. It's got lots of natural light and interesting visual touches that lift it above the mundane hummus joint. Here are several:

Despite the installation taking place, the atmosphere couldn't have been more stress-free. Friendly staff, good music, and oh, yes, the food. Worth coming back for. This is the bowl of Garden Vegetable Soup. Celery, carrots, butternut squash, potatoes, zucchini. Hearty and vegetarian.
I loved the roasted cauliflower with parsley tahini.
Here's the Super Healthy Salad, with quinoa, cranberries, walnuts, yams and mint with a tahini-based dressing. High protein and tasty.
We had mint tea. With fresh mint leaves. Yep. And a free dessert of baklava was generously offered to my non-gluten-free friend, and which she definitely enjoyed.
Other dishes we didn't try but probably will next time: Light Hummus (served with vegetables instead of pita), the chopped salad, the beets with celery and walnuts in balsamic vinegar, broiled eggplant with tahini, and rice with lentils (if it's vegetarian). There are MANY dishes if you are a gluten-free meat eater, or a non-gluten-free vegetarian, but all in all this is a fine place for a gluten-free vegetarian to have a snack.

And who knows, maybe at some point in the future they will start frying the falafel in a separate fryer and then hordes of gluten-free vegetarians will show up to really chow down!

444 3rd Ave (bet. 30th and 31st), open 10:45-10:45 7 days a week


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