Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I grew up with Hebrew National Kosher franks. And not just on buns. One of my favorites was a deli omelette. Usually salami (Hebrew National, too) but occasionally including browned slices of frankfurters embedded in the egg, frittata style. Below is not a picture of a frittata, I'm sure you've noticed. It's more ridiculously fast than even that dish.


2 sliced tofu pups (the only brand I've found that's vegetarian AND gluten-free)
8 oz frozen broccoli (my favorite is Trader Joe for quality and price)
1 cup roasted vegetables (shown here, potatoes and onions with olive oil and rosemary)


Microwave until heated through.

Add salt and pepper to taste OR 1T whole grain French mustard, stirred to coat everything evenly.

And that, is that.

Note: I find keeping versatile roasted vegetables in the fridge or freezer a fast beginning for casseroles, soups, or, of course, a side dish ready with brief nuking. Handy!

I hesitate to state the exact number of servings this recipe provides, since I am capable of eating the whole darn thing for lunch. Others might choose to share with a friend.

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