Thursday, November 11, 2010


I had some gluten-free ladyfingers earlier this year, and I thought they were fine except for the un-finger-like shape. Sort of oval blobs. But light. Not bad. Perhaps a bit heavy-handed with the vanilla flavoring.
Then I was invited to a Schar press luncheon where a lovely tiramisu made from Schar ladyfingers was the dessert and a package of of included in the goodie bag.
I immediately started planning to make a tiramisu of my own. Weeks passed and I never got around to it. Then I was given another package of ladyfingers by my niece. Plans grew to include a trifle with lemon curd and raspberries.
During the hectic between many summer and fall trips, when I was not up to attacking the preparation of complex meal finales, I consumed both boxes quickly. Simply as cookie snacks. Which they are perfect for, too. They're light, beautifully made, not overpowering in the vanilla flavoring area and ideal when you need something sweet but not filling.
Although having made my way through two boxes in two weeks, I suppose I have to admit I was occasionally...full. But happy.


Shelley said...

Glad to hear that they are so good. I'm trying to get my local GF grocer to get them in, but so far, no go. He deals with other products of s
Schar's, but not this one. He says that it just isn't popular. I feel like telling him that I would take a whole case, but I could probably get a better deal on the internet.

Erin S. said...

Those Schar tiramisu's at the luncheon were delicious. I love reading about other bloggers that were there. I wish I could have met you all!

G.F.Veg said...

i loved the schar luncheon--really learned a lot.
strange that these would be considered unpopular because you can use them in so many ways, but as i said, i ran through two boxes just eating them with cups of tea!

Wendy said...

do you think these would work in place of vanilla wafers in a banana pudding?
I've been trying to make vanilla wafers, and I think I have a pretty good one down now, but it's so much trouble, and then I have to make the banana pudding too. And I make real banana pudding, with a double boiler and everything, not that box kind. ewww.

However, I haven't had banana pudding in at least 5 years. Not will cookies at least.


G.F.Veg said...

hi wendy

these are very delicate. theyre used in tiramisu because all the ingredients are cool and the moisture is absorbed but the cookie doesnt totally disintegrate (although it almost does) because of the temperature, i guess. i just would worry they might fall apart because theyre so much lighter than the old vanilla wafers. what about just a vanilla shortbread type cookie? i love josef's. theyre thicker than vanilla wafers, though. really need something in between. guess it's a vanilla wafer!
look for my review of josef's here:

Wendy @Celiacs in the House said...

I've gotten several packages of these ladyfingers and never get to make a recipe because my gluten-free college kids eat them up before I get a chance. They are also fans of the sub buns, ciabatta and baguettes.

G.F.Veg said...

hey wendy....i just make my way at top speed through the boxes i've had, just nibbling embarrassing!