Thursday, September 2, 2010




One of the most important stops for a gluten-free vegetarian to make in Seattle: Kaili McIntyre's Wheatless in Seattle in Greenwood. The Best Wheat- and Gluten-Free Bakery is what it says on the card, and once you've tasted the bakery's products, you'll find it difficult to disagree.
Here is Kaili, the woman responsible (with her talented team) for the gluten-free dishes that disappeared so quickly at the conference lunch that gluten-eaters had to be warned off at dinner, so that there would be enough for the gluten-avoiders! She's as warm and wonderful as she looks in this picture, and her sophisticated yet comforting food was a lifesaver for those of us who really need to eat gluten-free and a joy to everyone present, celiac or not.
These are Wheatless in Seattle's baguettes. I tend to be a grazer, so I was grateful that torn-off hunks of this delicious bread, even plain as the oven gave them to the world, kept me going through a morning of seminars and all the intermittent networking, too.

The next day, when the bread was gone, I made my way through the bagels, pictured above, from the gift bag of goodies Kaili so generously had given me. Heaven!

Wheatless in Seattle provides a range of gluten free foods the size of which you might not expect from the cozy little cottage that houses the bakery. There are sweets too numerous to mention (though the chocolate cranberry orange mini bundt cake deserves a particular shout-out) as well as savories including quiche, pizza, bread, bagels and rolls of many varieties.

Next time you're in Seattle, drive up to Greenwood to see for yourself the cornucopia of gluten-free delights available there, some vegan as well, or visit one of the many Seattle restaurants that carry Wheatless in Seattle products. You might find, as I did, that a trip to Wheatless in Seattle which began as a practical (or, more accurately, desperate) search for gluten-free foods ended up being one of the major highlights of my trip!

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