Friday, September 24, 2010


TWO gluten-free stops in the East Village!

What we had at Souen, what it cost, what was in it:

Summer Rolls 6.50 carrot, cucumber, burdock, mint and basil in rice paper.
Yuba 6.50 steamed tofu “skin” marinated in kombu-shiitake broth.
Squash Tofu 12.00 sauteed tofu, squash, onion, carrot, nappa, green, broccoli, snow pea in miso-tahini sauce.

Apologies. We dove in too quick for snaps other than these of menu and decor!
For photos, see here.

The spring roll and yuba appetizers were perfection. When I left Japan, it was with a box of dried yuba (the skin that forms on boiled soymilk when tofu is being made), and kept it so long that I began to worry there might be something wrong with it, and discarded it. So this dinner was a special occasion for me. Finally, yuba! Seemed like protein lasagna to my western eyes. Loved the sweet rice and nori and vegetables in the roll. Definitely going to Sunrise Mart, my local Japanese supermarket so I can experiment with some soon.
The squash tofu had a flavorful creamy sauce, and I appreciated everything but the tofu (not my texture favorite) and greens (too bitter) but fortunately I was sharing the dish with someone of opposite predilections, so nothing was wasted.

Highly recommended: the crisp and refreshing Jamaican ginger beer.

We adjourned to Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery for cupcakes.
Never a disappointment. Always a delight!

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