Sunday, September 19, 2010


If you were a fan of LU's Petit Ecolier dark chocolate butter cookies in your pre-gluten-free days, you will be reminded of them by these Schar gluten-free chocolate-dipped cookies.
The semisweet chocolate used on these is perfect, and is what really carries the cookie because, unfortunately, the cake part is sorely lacking in the rich butter flavor you'd expect here. The flavor, while not offensive in any way, is so bland that it adds nothing to the chocolate experience.
Note: At the same dinner, I tried Schar's Classic White Rolls, and in that case, the lack of butter was just fine, since the roll was acting as a foil (almost like a water cracker) for various highly flavored cheeses and spreads at a buffet style dinner. It worked perfectly! (Sorry, no photos of that one, but here's a link to the Schar site.)

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