Saturday, August 14, 2010


I really don't care whether or not a gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookie tastes like a non-gluten free original--I mean, it's been a while since I've had the "real thing" so any gluten-free cookie that's delicious is good enough for me. This one is, and cute, too.

The Chocolate O's by Schar are super-densely chocolate-flavored, perhaps even a bit more so than the original O, if memory serves. They seem a bit less sweet, though, and if this can be said about a cookie that would fit perfectly in a toddler's hands, somewhat more adult (and satisfying) than the original. Thanks to Schar for the samples I was given at the luncheon held by the company in New York City recently.

If you are watching your weight (yes, this might be an odd choice if you are, but even dieters need to indulge every now and then), you'll be happy to know these are petite enough so you could have two or three without doing horrific damage to your weight-loss goal. That is, if you can prevent yourself from going wild and making your way through the who package, as I....oh, never mind the details. They were great! I had salad all the next day and it was worth it! 


Geanna said...

These look sooo yummy! I never liked Oreos before, but now that I am GF, I suddenly crave all the things I can't have. :)

G.F.Veg said...

i have to say that happened to me, too when i was first diagnosed with celiac disease! others, also. no one seems to know why. but hey, in the meantime, enjoy these great cookies!