Tuesday, August 17, 2010


These delicious gluten-free vegetarian snacks sent to me by Bakery On Main saw me through several hectic (and very LONG) days at the Blogher conference described in an earlier post this month. 
I devoured an entire bag of the Extreme Fruit and Nut Granola on the subway train back from the TMobile event in the Bronx. I was exhausted and that little bag of healthy snack food saved my life! I especially liked the mix of sweet and salty flavors. Eating it out of the bag was a little difficult because of the tiny seeds, but as cereal or on yogurt, it would be incredible. That's how I ate the Triple Berry Granola--poured into a small bowl with some skim milk. Delectable and very berry! 

I loved the bars, (Peanut Butter Chocolate was the winner) but fell apart a bit. After the first, I realized that for me (or it might have been the steamy NYC summer weather) they were best eaten half-in and half-out of their wrapping. That was a minor inconvenience, though, considering the excellent taste! 

Many thanks to the Bakery on Main who provided these samples.


fleababe said...

i love their granola. am not sure if it's the "extreme" version that i eat, but the one i like has something that tastes like oranges. i sprinkle it (okay, i throw handfuls of it) onto frozen yogurt for a treat.

G.F.Veg said...

yeah i went through the bag fairly quickly--good stuff!