Friday, August 13, 2010


Last week the 2010 Blogher conference, which took place at New York City's Hilton Hotel, was attended by 2400 women bloggers, and this blogger was among them. The conference kicked off with a day of volunteering at the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club, located near Fordham University's Bronx campus. The event was organized by TMobile, and what appeared to be close to 200 TMobile employees (and several members of the Blogher conference) showed up to lend their carpentry and painting skills to the Club.

First, the head of the Boys and Girls Clubs thanked the volunteers, then there was a bit of calisthenics, and finally, we headed off to construct and paint benches, or work on a wide range of inspirational murals (one, unfinished, at the top of this post, and more, also works in progress, in the slideshow directly above).

That last slide was a photo of my team! You're not seeing me because I'm taking the photo. Aviva, to the left, is a writer and blogger on parenting issues at Parentopia, Kevin and his wife are recent converts to vegetarianism, with some amazing health benefits to report due to the change, and Maria is hard at work on getting that mural done for the Club. We had a great time!

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