Monday, July 12, 2010


Here's an intense indulgence that won't induce a hangover. No ill effects predicted, except, depending on your self-control in front of these tasty morsels, a slight movement on the needle of your bathroom scale--but it's worth it, so enjoy! Note: the play of salt and sweet in this dessert might not be to everyone's taste. A more conservative choice would be to use chocolate cookie crumbs instead of the tortilla chips.


Miniature pie plates, tart shells or any dishes with a volume of about a half cup.

Food Should Taste Good Chocolate tortilla chips.

Baking spray,

2-4 oz pistachios, unsalted

ice cream

whipped cream



Crush chips by placing them in a plastic bag and rolling a rolling pin or heavy can over the bag. Spray the tart shells. Sprinkle sides and top with chocolate crumbs.

Pack ice cream firmly into pans. Chill for at least an hour. Remove tarts from pans using a sharp warm knife.

Shell pistachios and crush as with chips. Decorate with whipped cream and nuts.



Maggie Smith said...

chocolate tortilla chips? you're kidding me. i must find them!

G.F.Veg said...

they also come in cinnamon!
you can even sometimes find them at Costco but they are definitely at Whole Foods.
they are so versatile.
try them with goat cheese and figs.