Saturday, May 8, 2010


Three gluten-free cheers for Mom! Why not show your love with chocolate, but this year, no generic box of candies, but with an old favorite that will truly be a thoughtful gift. Gluten-free Babycakes bakery, above, has delicious chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. 

Has Mother always been the model of elegance and sophistication? Is she the woman you hoped to be or hoped to marry because of her gentle warmth and perfect manners? Here's a surprisingly simple little dish you can prepare for her whose beauty she's bound to enjoy.

Remember how happy eating Mom's cupcakes straight out of the oven would make you? Now you can return the favor on Mother's Day, with these devils food ones made from Betty Crocker's gluten-free cake mix. Frost them or eat them with her as you'd eat the ones she'd make, ungarnished, in all their chocolate perfection.

Would you describe your mother as that traditional all-American girl? If you said yes then you can't go wrong with brownies. And if you don't have time to rustle up some yourself, depend on Gillian's to do it for you. Bake and serve. With or without vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.
At Tu-lu's in the East Village, you have your choice of vanilla cake with chocolate icing, chocolate on chocolate, or chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. And then there are other cupcake flavors, and cookies, and panini, but if Mom's a chocoholic, the other options won't even be visible to her. Better get a dozen of all the chocolate options so she doesn't feel deprived.
Did you get your rebellious, individualist streak from your mom? Well, if so, this is the chocolate gift for her. If she likes Mexican food, mole sauce and combinations of salty and sweet, buy a huge bag of these chocolate tortilla chips and do the couch potato thing with her while you both try to figure out what the oddest topping or this chip would be.
Glutino makes the most delicious, nostalgic sugar wafers in lemon and vanilla coated in chocolate. They're just the kind many of us found in the lunch boxes Mom packed for us each morning.

Whatever you serve, enjoy Mother's Day!


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