Sunday, May 23, 2010


Gluten-free or not, the suspense of the final reveals could lead to some pretty intense feelings, and when that happens, moviegoers or TV viewers have been known to rapidly make their way through large bags of mediocre cookies without even realizing it. But even if you pride yourself on being a moderate, though carefully gluten-free diner, you deserve a well-made treat after all the mystery you've endured as a Lost fan. Here are some impressive ones to offer your friends, everything from homemade or baked from a mix to cut open a bag--yet they're all delicious! 
This impressive little dessert is actually easy to make. Bake the red velvet chocolate cake, cover in whipped cream, decorate with cherries, add dotty sprinkles, and you've got something truly fitting for a special occasion as momentous as a series finale.
Personalize foods you make from mixes, if you have the time. In this case, a Betty Crocker gluten-free devils food cake mix was made into a dozen cupcakes topped with homemade peanut butter frosting and walnut halves. Almost everyone loves the delicious mix of chocolate and peanut butter.
These lemon walnut wafers are a hit with the glutonians and gluten-free alike. In addition to being extremely tasty, they are high in protein (made with nuts and soy flour) so if cookies want to occasionally overindulge, these certainly would be the ones to eat.
These old-fashioned oatmeal cookies are made from certified gluten-free oats and filled with coconut, walnuts and raisins. Feel free to tailor them to your own taste: remove some or all of those additions and add chocolate chips, pecans, dried cherries, or anything else that will put your own stamp on this great tradition.
Chocolate Spritz cookies by Aunt Gussie's are somewhere between a candy and a cookie. However you see them, you won't be disappointed by the rich taste. Pretty, too!

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