Saturday, May 22, 2010


If you're gluten-free and want to celebrate the night Lost ends with your friends, why not have a potluck (hand out the gluten-free recipes for safety's sake) or make some easy dishes and get everyone over to your place?

Lasagna is a real crowd-pleaser no matter what the occasion. For gluten-free lasagna, rice pasta from Tinkyada is one of the best choices you can make--your gluten-eating friends won't even know this wasn't made the conventional way.

When someone decides to contribute a roast to the evening and your gluten-free vegetarian friend has shared this cabbage cheddar and tortilla casserole, it's not a problem because it functions beautifully as a side or a main.

Semi-homemade Indian Pav Bhaji is practically ready to serve after a trip to Trader Joe's for a few items.

This cauliflower, chestnut and parmesan bake is rich and flavorful, once again, excellent as a side dish or a light main.

Many vegetarian dishes of chili are just not filling enough. This one has four sources of protein, and that's before you top it with shredded cheddar or monterey jack. Hearty!

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Eco-Vegan Gal said...

Perfect combination - gluten-free and Lost - love it! Have a great time! : )

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