Saturday, May 22, 2010


If you're looking for some gluten-free snacks at your local bar's Lost Finale party, you might be better off inviting the gang over for a gluten-free event of your own design. Here are some foods that will impress, but of course never distract, the finale viewers.

Almond oat crackers flavored with caraway seeds and topped with Kosher salt are fast to make and delicious. Some people mistake them for rye crackers, but they are totally gluten free.
Oikos herb dip lends itself beautifully to a bowl of crudites, if you want to take a break from the traditional TV snacking tradition of all carbs all the time.

Make these multigrain spice cookies as hot or as mild as you like. They're made with ancho and chipotle chile powders. Just vary the proportions to taste.

The dips shown here are three types, and three colors, of hummus, which make a very impressive platter for any event. Lemon-lime hummus is cream-colored, edamame hummus is green and the red hummus is made with sweet red peppers.
If you're comfortable eating certified gluten-free oats, then this crunchy delight is for you. Use them as a base for cheese spreads topped with herbs, as shown, or just eat them out of a big bowl. Great flavor and texture.

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