Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Gluten-free convenience foods are often not worth the extra cost, even if you possess the most rudimentary kitchen skills, but there are times when convenience is worth a surcharge, and gluten-free meals that are convenient, well, sometimes worth almost anything. Macaroni and cheese is easy enough to make but if you really don't have the time to prepare your own, Amy's is a wonderful substitute for homemade. 

The sauce is cheesy and not at all gritty. The noodles aren't overcooked, even if you prepare them so a nice crispy crust starts to form along the edges. (That is a real feat, since many rice noodle dishes can get very gluey.) One of the ways you might want to use this item is as an ingredient in a quick casserole you can make in minutes.

Steam or defrost about two cups of fresh or frozen broccoli in your microwave. If you've got a bag of Trader Joe Melange a Trois (frozen green, yellow and red pepper strips), throw them in with the broccoli, too. When fresh red peppers are on sale, dicing and freezing them is even more economical than the Melange option. When the peppers and broccoli are done, drain, cover and set aside. 

Follow directiions on Amy's package. Stir into vegetables. Sprinkle with Spanish smoked sweet paprika, and some salt if you think it's needed. Protein, carb and vegetables, the perfectly balanced gluten-free meal in less than 10 minutes!  



fleababe said...

i find this to be a very good substitute when i crave old-fashioned mac n' cheese and am too lazy to do much more than heat something in the microwave. i have sliced teeny grape tomatoes and tossed them into the dish for about 20 seconds at the end of the "cooking" cycle and that adds a bit of color and taste. also have tossed pine nuts on top....for crunch.

G.F.Veg said...

those are great ideas!
i love this stuff and think could be a tasty start to many meals.