Thursday, April 22, 2010


Gluten-free vegetarian Pav Bhaji, mixed with chickpeas and served over steamed spinach.

Even if you eat this gluten-free meal straight out of the bag (which is sold in a box), combined with other foods, the more compiex part of the dish is already done for you--the blending of diced potatoes, onions, cauliflower, green peas, green pepper, butter, oil, and spices into a delicious sauce. The gluten-free Indian meals which are vacuum-sealed and sold on the shelf at Trader Joe are a real time saver for the celiac or gluten-intolerant diner. Empty the contents of the foil envelope into a microwavable dish and within minutes, dinner is served, if, that is, you prefer your meals very hot, chili-wise, that is.

For those who find these packaged meals uncomfortably spicy, here are some ways to deal with the excess heat. Dilute the stew by adding pureed vegetables. Adding a dollop of yogurt to each bowl of stew will also have a cooling effect. Though served traditionally with Indian flatbread, called nan, or over rice, here Pav Bhaji is shown over steamed frozen spinach, used a sauce for the chick peas which have been added to turn this tasty side dish into a main dish with protein. Cooked white beans or lentils would work equally well. You might also want to add some toasted cashews.




Anonymous said...

So many of your recipes have tomatoes to which I am allergic as well as gluten, white beans, sesame etc. Being a vegetarian, trying to eat healthy, and having food allergies is very difficult. Particularly tomatoes. Would like more non tomato recipes.


G.F.Veg said...

i could eat tomatoes in a main dish and then a tomato salad with it on the side!! but for those who are not as addicted to them as i am, could i suggest using pumpkin or other squash purees along with some lemon or lime juice to taste, to approximate the general consistency of the tomatoes. also, for white beans, have you subbed pink small ones? they should do fine. for sesame paste, i would just use oil or a paste of other nuts, maybe almond butter? but thanks for pointing out how much i rely on recipes without them coming right up!