Sunday, April 4, 2010


If you were incredibly busy this year, or just didn't feel up to preparing an entire Passover Seder from soup to nuts, Shabtai gluten-free products would have been your secret kitchen staff, or at least, pastry chef. With a range of gluten-free macaroons (almond, coconut, and chocolate versions of each) as well as a huge selection of cakes, you can impress your guests without a hint of exhaustion.

Their gluten free devil's food seven layer cake is chocolatey and delicious, but their gluten free marble cake brings back memories of the marble cakes of years gone by. There's a Swiss chocolate roll, a raspberry roll, a honey cake, sponge cake, and a range of intricately decorated layer cakes--from Mocha Apricot to several other varieties of chocolate layer cakes. Cookies, brownies and an item called Ring Tings are bound to stir up chocolate childhood memories. 

This brand is not only a great gluten-free resource for Passover, but for worry-free desserts year-round.


gluten-free musings said...

Yum, I have not tried the coconut macaroons, but I would sure like to!

G.F.Veg said...

i've tried several shabtai products and haven't been disappointed so far!